Mac OS X Internals

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Tasks Explorer is a freeware opensource computer program providing functionality for collecting extended information about processes running in system in real time.

Application Tasks Explorer was designed as alternative to Apple’s “Activity Monitor”, as information providing “Activity Monitor” does not correspond with the needs of software developers and advanced users. Process Explorer from Sysinternals whose features are needed in Mac OS X was selected as a standard.

The program is being actively developed now and new features are being added very quickly. Please send all questions, comments or wishes to


  • Hierarchical or flat view of active processes;
  • CPU usage graph;
  • Filtering processses list;
  • Highlighting of new and terminating applications;
  • Ability to kill any active applications;
  • Active processes information obtaining: version, copyright, application CPU architecture, user name, process arguments, environment, etc.
  • Displaying an application’s symbol table;
  • Displaying the information from Mach-O object files or libraries;
  • Revealing in Finder any directory from path to an application;
  • Working without administrator’s password (nevertheless, you must enter administrator password during installation);
  • Auto-updating (Sparkle has been used).

Features that I’m planning to add into future releases:

  • The list of opened files and ports used by process;
  • Displaying information of daemons managed by launchd;
  • Process’s threads extended information;
  • Displaying system activity like file system IO and network activity;
  • And if you need some feature, it might be added, just write to me :)

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later;
  • Intel processor.